Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Homefront Still Life Video

This is Homefront Still Life, a slide show of my paintings from 2016. It’s comprised of things around my house. The painting ‘Popsie’s Table’ has special meaning to me. My grandpa’s moniker was ‘Popsie’ and I placed the grapes on his antique table. I think he and my grandma would like that it’s still getting good use. I also used it for ‘Old Fashioned Orange’. It’s the perfect place for some of my still life paintings. The painting ‘The Gift’ of the silver cream pitcher was a present from my brother. The plate used in ‘Holiday Latte’ was a gift from my other brother. ‘Classic Nintendo Controllers’ were my kid’s in the 1980s and they still work!
I live in a wooded area near Seattle where Big Leaf Maple Trees are abundant so there are many tree helicopters around. I like it when art requires research. Knowing there was another name for helicopter, I looked it up and found out it was “Double Samara.” I must have been absent from school the day the kids were taught that! I’m finding still life very heartfelt and enlightening in many ways.
All of the Homefront paintings can be found in my January 10 blog post as well.   

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